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On Thursday September 27th, our Squash on Trackers spent their time raising funds and awareness for their program. They socialized with members of the club to share their experiences of the program while selling raffle tickets to raise funds for the program. The night was an all around success and we hope see everyone back again in the near future!

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We are hiring!!!

Position: Program Director

Squash on Track seeks an experienced Program Director to run the academic and enrichment program. The Program Director reports to the General Manager of Squash on Track.

The Program Director has four primary responsibilities:

        • to coordinate with partner schools to determine how to best support students with homework and extra tutoring;

        • to oversee the planning and implementation of daily academic programming;

        • to plan and implement an enrichment curriculum that includes health, wellness, leadership, life skills, community service, and cultural outings; and

        • to recruit, motivate, and manage volunteers, including academic and enrichment tutors and aides and mentors.

As part of his/her responsibilities, the Program Director is expected to:

        •   create and maintain a structured, disciplined, and fun learning environment for students;

        •   develop and execute an effective communication process with administration and teachers in partner schools;

        •   promote communication with the parents and families of Squash on Track participants in order to support program participants;

        •   plan and run academic sessions every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday when the program is in session;

        •   work with school staff to track student academic progress and then to report on that progress;

        •   develop evaluation standards and metrics to track participants’ academic and overall program performance.

        •   manage the volunteer tutor corps, including recruitment, training, scheduling, communication and retention;

        •   create and distribute a monthly program schedule;

        •   organize cultural and community service events for program participants that also engage volunteers;

        •   expand and strengthen external partnerships with individuals and community groups;

        •   collaborate with all staff members to ensure a fully integrated approach to the academic, athletic and character development of each student;

        •   liaise with outside transport vendors and create a workable transportation schedule:

Additional Responsibilities

As a newly established non-profit, Squash on Track requires all of its employees to be flexible and open to taking on a variety of projects as needed. For example, all Squash on Track staff members will need to:

        •   work an average of 2 half-day Saturdays per month,

        •   assist with the planning and implementation of one or two successful fundraising event each year, and

        •   assist with grant writing by gathering and preparing information and proposals related to the academic and enrichment program.

        •   excellent interpersonal skills

        •   previous experience running recreational, enrichment, or academic activities with groups of youth, and knowledge of a variety of classroom and behavior management techniques.

        •   ability to plan, organize and implement age-appropriate/developmentally appropriate program activities.

       •   ability to work independently and collaboratively.

       •   Spanish speaking a plus

       •   Minimum 2 year associate degree